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Planning for Divorce Mediation in Michigan

 Posted on November 28, 2022 in Divorce

Oakland County divorce mediation attorneysMediation is a commonly used term in many Michigan divorces because courts all over the state often compel people to take part in mediation to try and resolve certain disputes. Mediation is quite simply a settlement process that allows both parties to have input on possible solutions to issues and it will typically require both parties to come to an agreement for mediation to work.

Mediation does not solve all problems, and there can certainly be couples for whom mediation ends up being more of a waste of time than anything. For many other people, however, mediation provides an opportunity to try and address a wide range of issues and contemplate possible solutions that can prevent a court from having to render its own decision.

How Mediation Works

Mediation may be either voluntary or court-ordered in Michigan, but both parties will be working with a neutral third party known as a mediator. A mediator does not render any judgments or try to impose any requirements on either party. Instead, the mediator is simply there to try and help negotiate an agreement between the parties.

With most divorce cases, mediation will focus on the ongoing issues between spouses. Topics could include child support, child custody, spousal maintenance, or other issues.

Mediation can either be a single session or multiple sessions depending on how hard the spouses are willing to work to achieve a solution. A mediator will usually talk to one spouse to get an understanding of their issues and then present the issues to the other spouse to discuss possible solutions.

The advantages of mediation include the fact that it can often result in resolutions to issues that are much cheaper to achieve than having to repeatedly go to court. Furthermore, mediation can also remain private, so people do not have to worry about their comments being publicly disclosed.

People also enjoy the greater control they have over their situations in mediation. When spouses can come to a solution through mediation, they are more likely to abide by it over the long term.

Mediation is not necessarily ideal for all situations, especially when one spouse has had a history of making decisions for a family or there are allegations of abuse.

Contact a Novi, MI Divorce Mediation Lawyer

If you think that your divorce case is heading for mediation, make sure to get legal representation before you agree to appear. The Oakland County mediation attorneys at Elkouri Heath, PLC will be able to work with you to prepare for mediation and achieve the most favorable outcomes during the meeting.

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