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How to Survive Summer Holidays and Vacations Post-Divorce

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Novi, MI divorce lawyerDivorce is a major change to your lifestyle. Even though separating yourself from a negative relationship with your ex-partner is for the best, unexpected events can come up that may affect you emotionally. During your divorce, working with a qualified lawyer can help you reach a positive outcome to your case. An experienced divorce attorney will make sure your life post-divorce is as fair as possible in terms of alimony, child custody agreements, and division of assets. After your divorce, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and vacations will all be different. Here are some tips to experience them in a positive way as you begin a new chapter of your life:

Take it Easy

Divorce is hard on everyone. You ended a relationship where you once vowed to stay committed for the rest of your life. During this time, it is understandable to feel a mix of emotions such as anger, sadness, and even rage. You do not have to engage in old family traditions if they bring up painful memories for you. If you and your ex used to take vacations together to a certain destination every summer, you should not feel that you need to continue to travel there on your own or with a new partner. Start making new traditions for yourself to help you move on.

You do not have to try and make holidays or vacations exactly the same as they were pre-divorce. If you used to get together for a big family barbecue, and you do not feel that you are not up to it this year, cut yourself some slack. Divorce has a major impact on your life, and as you pivot to this new stage of your life, expect some things to change--including how you spend holidays and vacations.

Surround Yourself With Friends and Family

Divorce can be especially hard if you have children, because you will most likely be sharing a visitation schedule. That means that you will be spending some of your holidays without your kids. Reach out to friends or family; many of them would be happy to open their house to an extra guest. Staying surrounded by positive people will be a good distraction from any isolation you may feeling or the conflicting feelings you have regarding your children spending the summer holidays with your ex-partner.

Contact an Oakland County Divorce Attorney

It is important to remember that divorce is stressful, and you have gone through a major life change. Things are going to be transitional for a while until you find yourself living a new normal. If you are going through a divorce and want to start the next stage of your life on a positive note, our qualified Novi, MI family law attorneys will review your case and provide you with the advice you need. Contact Elkouri Heath PLC today at 248-344-9700 for a free consultation.



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